Simple Guide in Selecting Outdoor Car Covers

Car owners often have the same problem for their car and that is how to protect the car against the harmful elements when it is parked outside. When we say harmful elements, this includes both natural elements and man- made elements that are both damaging and equally becomes a threat for your car. Natural elements like sunlight, rain, and snow cannot be controlled however you want to and the weather condition may get too extreme for any car to handle. And that is not all, human produced problems like dust, smoke, and other types of pollution may hurt the car as well when you park it outside. In all of these harsh elements, the only way to protect the vehicle is by having suitable car covers that will instantly give the needed defense.An outdoor car cover should have the following qualities in order for it to be effective when used to protect the car:

It should withstand any kind of weather. May it be rain, sun, or snow, the cover should give due protection that the vehicle needs. It should not be unnecessarily soaked with rainwater nor get baked under the sun. Instead, it should be weatherproofed so that it stays as shiny as you first had it. Your car cover should never make your car vulnerable to any kind of weather and should stay safe under any circumstances.

The cover should give protection against bumps. When parking outdoors, you cannot control who leans against your car. Some people may accidentally strike their things against the car that may cause some dents on the surface. There are also occasions that small tree branches fall off from the tree and land smack right into your car. This could create either a small or large bump on your car that will cost you a lot to have it repaired. Good car covers should be thick enough to withstand such minor incidences and keep the car scratch and bump free.

It should protect the car against acid. Acid rains happen in some places and they are very damaging to the car’s paint finish. Aside from that, another acidic element that might get in contact with the car is bird poop. You cannot direct the birds where they should release their poops. Another type of harmful acid is that kind that comes from the trees. Tree sap contains some acids and it stubbornly sticks to the car’s surface. Not having a good cover to protect the car against such acids will prove to be costly once the paint finish gets damaged.Outdoor car covers are specifically made to be resistant against many types of challenges for the car. Once you park your car outdoors, embrace the fact that you expose it to the harmful elements that are plenty outside. You should consider all types of dangers when you are shopping for a new car cover so that you get ultimate protection and keep your calm even when you leave your car outside.

Getting the Best Protection From Your Car Cover

So you want a car or vehicle cover. Now, how you can make it work the best for you. First, buying the right cover for your vehicle, the right cover means the one that best protects your car or vehicle in the location and conditions you live in. Second, also making sure the cover was installed properly and that it is secure on the car or vehicle. Third, keeping your cover clean is very important. Fourth, proper storage when the cover is not on the car or vehicle.

First: If you live in the North, South, East or the Western part of the country you will need a cover that protects against rain, snow, hail, UV rays, dust, dirt, pets, animals and more. Next you will need to select the right cover for the location the car or vehicle will be parked, like if you park the vehicle under a carport. Each of these locations calls for a different type of cover, like our economy cover for dust in your garage, also are waterproof cover for when your car is in the rain or snow, or our UV protective cover for the extreme sun and the Elite Supreme 4 layer cover that will protect your car or vehicle from all the elements.

Second: When you first receive your cover make sure the car or vehicle is clean before you try the cover on, this way if the cover is the wrong size or defective you can exchange it or return it for a refund. After you have installed the cover make sure that it fits properly i.e. not to lose or to long so the cover will not rub on the finish or blow off due to high winds. Most covers come with a grommet in the middle of the bottom hem using a cover lock or a bungee cord will prevent the cover from blowing off during high winds, or somebody taking from coupon.

Third: After you have a cover for awhile you will want to clean it, below you will find instructions on how to care for your cover.

If possible, we suggest to air dry all covers.

Fourth: When the cover is not in use you can store it in the bag we provide. First remove the cover from the car, then fold the cover to the size to fit the bag and store in a dry location. Our waterproof and water resistant covers are mold and mildew resistant but if possible try to let the cover dry before storing it. If the cover is wet lay it out to dry before folding and storing.

Portable Car Covers

Portable car covers often become an essential accessory for people who do not want their cars to be affected by the elements when they are out and away from their garage’s protection. The car, which has to go through a lot of rough terrains and weather conditions like rain, snow, wind and sleet, needs protection from the surroundings. Or it could be that one’s car is expensive, or that it is a vintage car that needs a lot of protection. When at home, one can take care of the automobile, but when away from home, this is not possible, unless, of course, one takes a portable car cover. The easiest analogy for a portable car cover is to think of it as a sleeping bag for cars. There are two types of portable car covers that are available on the market. One acts exactly like the sleeping bag, covering the car like a layer of skin. While this is a good car cover, it may not be sufficient for all purposes. For example, in conditions of hail or storm with high winds that stir up branches and pebbles, one may see the need for the other type of portable car cover, which makes a small shelter under which the car will stay. These are various types of these portable car covers available in the market. However the best ones are easy to build and they provide great dry storage for the car in all kinds of outdoor conditions. The material of the cover is strong and durable and it can withstand normal wear and tear of bad weather conditions. Such covers come with their own steel frames. One unmistakable quality is that these covers are easy to build and portable despite their seeming complexity. Often the durable steel frame is a type of pre-drilled frame assembly and which can be easily assembled with minimal hand tools. Also the design has to be such that water or snow runs off from the roof, preventing any water from getting close to the car.

To sum up, the qualities that one needs to look for while going in for a portable car cover is portability and ease in setting up and dismantling, with no drilling or cutting required. The shame about SUVs nowadays, is that no one gets the chance to use them. The cost of gas is way too expensive to go cruising down the road in one, just like that. It ends up that people are waiting for a special enough occasion to use them. But in the meantime, the poor car gets neglected and is left to collect dust and dirt. The real shame about that is by the time the special occasion arrives, the SUV is virtually unusable due to the unbelievable amount of dust and dirt that has collected over time. This is more than just a shame, it’s a downright waste of a good vehicle plus space in your driveway. This is where car covers come in. SUV covers will protect the SUV from all the harm in the outside world. Nature is the local terror when it comes the the paint work. They literally tear apart the once beautiful shiny body.

The rain, sleet, and snow all eat away at the exterior. The rust sets in after a while and all in all, it looks like a wreck and its left with ugly watermarks all over its exterior. The sun will bleach the exterior paintwork. Within no time at all, it will look faded and old. In addition, leaving the vehicle exposed for long periods of time in the sun will ruin the inner specs of the auto, causing the engine to malfunction. Dust, bird droppings, tree sap, all are attracted to parked cars like a magnet, and a SUV is no exception. These nuisances leave unsightly stains on the car and are near impossible to remove. It will take extensive cleaning, and expense to fully remove these sorts of stains.And then there’s the scratches, nicks and dings. These can happen so easily. All it takes is some sticks and stones to get caught up in the wind, and as they fly past, they leave their mark on the car. All it takes is for someone to leave their keys hanging from their pants, and as they brush past the car in a hurry, oops, they’ve left a small scratch. They don’t even realize it, but the scratch is there. All these natural accidents happen daily. Car covers however will protect the car in a multitude of ways so that these things don’t affect the SUV. The Suv car covers are waterproof, thereby keeping the entire thing totally rain, and snow free. SUV covers are also uv rays reflective, and the sun’s harmful rays cannot penetrate through to the car. And naturally, having SUV covers, shields the car from any sort of dirt and dust. It also provides some sort of cushioning against little dents etc.

Universal car covers are the most practical type of cover there is. As it is, car covers are practical as they will protect cars without being too expensive, or space consuming. Garages are very expensive to build, and not everyone has the space for it. A car cover on the other hand, everyone has space for.Car covers are extremely compact and fold up to fit in a corner of the trunk of the car. This gives the driver the opportunity to take the cover with him wherever he goes. Then all he needs to do is pop on his cover, and he has all the protection he needs. So in reality, a car cover is far better than a garage, as it can go along with the car and protect it anywhere in the world. Of the three sizes that there are, universal covers are the best. This is due to the fact that universal car covers will fit any car no matter how big in size. This is extremely advantageous as when buying a new car, there is no need to buy a new cover as well, hence saving lots of money. What’s more, the cover can be shared between family and friends, disregarding what car they own, as the universal cover will fit them all.

The universal cover is waterproof and will prevent any sort of liquid, rain, sleet or snow from working their way on to the car and harming it. When rain gets onto cars, not only does it leave horrible water marks, but the acid in the rain causes the paint to disintegrate. As a result the car looks rather patchy and ugly. Ultra violet rays from the sun are also extremely dangerous for cars. They cause the car to overheat, and ruin the internal workings of the car. In addition, the car becomes to hot to drive in, as it is so hot and stuffy, and the driver can even burn his hands on the steering wheel. Ultra violet rays bleach the paintwork and ruin the finish so that before long, the car looks old and faded.Breathable car covers give the car a chance to breathe and sweat without getting steamed up and mouldy whilst covered. Air and moisture are allowed out, through the fabric of the cover. Simultaneously, no moisture is allowed in. All universal covers are elasticated at the front and rear of the cover to ensure easy accessibility for the owner to put it on and take it off. This way the cover can stretch over any sized car, and still retain it’s high level of protectiveness. Car covers have a safety feature too. Having a cover prevents unwanted prying eyes from looking in and snooping around the car. If the car is covered, it is abandoned as an unworthy target, and remains ‘car-thief-free’.